About Us

  HAODONG® has been insisting on using cowhide as raw materials to produce Halal gelatin sheet. It has been committed to providing business customers and families with high-quality and affordable gelatin. We have brought our gelatin to food producers, bakeries, hotels, kitchens and families in many countries and regions around the world.

  Our ideas don't stop there. In 2016, we independently developed a fully automatic production line for gelatin sheet, capable of producing high-quality gelatin sheet at a price acceptable to every family.

  Now more and more chefs and families are using gelatin powder and gelatin sheet. We hope to give them the greatest help when they show their cooking skills, so that the chefs can devote themselves to their dishes.

  We are determined to become one of the best Halal gelatin producers in the world, which can bring happiness and health to thousands of families.

  I sincerely hope that you will like our web pages and products, and get the relevant knowledge, quality products and excellent services you want from it.

  HAODONG® trademark registered in the United States.